Want to become an Invest NI Client?

28 January 2019

Invest NI aim to improve the Northern Ireland economy through business development by championing the growth of innovation and exports to build a local economy that competes globally.

Invest NI works directly with those manufacturing and tradable services businesses in Northern Ireland which have the potential and ambition: –


  • to export
  • to improve productivity
  • to innovate; and
  • to become more internationally competitive


(N.B. generally excludes locally focussed, retail, primary agriculture and wholesale/distribution businesses) as well as attracting: –

  • high quality inward investment; and
  • promoting entrepreneurship.


The diagram below sets out Invest NI’s Customer Model with Wide Business Base, Pre Entry and Entry businesses managed from the regional offices. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) clients are managed by the International Business Group leaving Account Managed Clients.



In order to become an Account Managed Client with Invest NI within the Business & Sector Development Group your businesses must meet the following criteria: –

Actual turnover >= £250,000 AND Actual External Sales >=25% or £250,000 AND: –

  • Potential Employment Growth >=20% or >=20 jobs within 3 years; OR
  • Potential External Sales Growth >=20% or >=£0.5m within 3 years; OR
  • Potential Increase in Gross Value Added/employee >=20% within 3 years


If you need any assistance seeking approval as an Invest NI client give us a call.